Hello 2020

I wrote a little post on my social media pages earlier this week about how I was patiently waiting for my mojo to appear this year!  I certainly haven’t arrived in 2020 with a sense of get up and go, more like I’m peeking out from under a cosy blanket to see how the start of this new decade feels and wondering what I’ve got to bring to the party.  Although I’ve not set resolutions for some time I still had a habit for many years of allowing myself to feel some kind of pressure to enter a new year with goals about what I needed to change or do differently, however having that type of mind-set in January feels really quite jarring because what I actually want to do is use my energy wisely by showing up to be of service and do my work to the best of my ability, resting in between and pondering what I might enjoy doing or look forward to during the year.  I already know that I’d like to have fun & adventure, do something I’ve never done before and visit somewhere new this year, what any of that will look like or when it will happen I have no idea.

Setting goals / resolutions can bring a sense of feeling that we aren’t already enough and send us down a rabbit hole of needing to be or do more.  It can be easy to get swept away with wanting to do something new or different because we have reached another year but sometimes the simple act of pausing and remembering how fortunate we are to be here for another year is enough!  I’m not suggesting we should never want to change anything about or for ourselves, change is a good thing and without it we wouldn’t learn or grow and life could become pretty stagnant and boring but it’s also a skill to be able to recognise wanting to change something for the sake of it and stopping to ask ourselves why.  Life is pretty full on for most of us and comes with a fair bit of pressure already so why do we sometimes finding ourselves piling on more?  Wanting to lose a few pounds or do more exercise is great but does it really matter when or how it happens?  If it does then take action, if it doesn’t trust that it will happen when the time is right.

I find that a helpful way to look at what I’m asking of or saying to myself is to consider for a moment whether I would ask that of or say the same thing to someone else?  If the answer is no then I know I need to reconsider!

I feel that 2020 will be a year of taking action, Mother Nature is telling us in no uncertain terms that we need to change the way we treat our planet.  But considered compassionate action can’t always happen at lightning speed, small realistic and do-able changes are likely to make the most difference.