Meditate & Move Membership

My monthly membership is a space where I offer my guidance and support for your meditation and movement practices.

My mission is to bust meditation myths and share practices and information that will help you to establish or grow a personal practice that will support you in daily life.  There is also be a new 30 minute movement practice added to the membership every week along with additional resources (enough but not an overwhelming amount!)  All the content is split into the seasons so it’s easy to follow and find something that is suitable to work with the energy of nature.  There are also adhoc in-person gatherings for members only so there will opportunities for everyone to meet face to face if you want to!

It is a monthly commitment of £22 (per household) and showing up for as much or as little of the following content as you wish:

  • Weekly live 30 minute online meditation class
  • A recording of every live meditation class
  • A new 30 minute recorded weekly movement practice
  • Shorter recorded meditations and breathing practices
  • Practical tips and tools for supporting the nervous system
  • Live adhoc yoga / meditation gatherings

To join the membership please click here