Self Care Series

I believe that to truly take good care of ourselves is a radical act of self-love that requires a commitment to show up and nourish our body, mind and spirit.  I have created this series as a way to connect within, to listen quietly and deeply through the ancient wisdom of yoga in accessible ways that can be incorporated easily into daily life.

The practices within the series have been specifically created to take care of body, mind and heart. They do not need to be followed in any particular order and consist of the following:
* 30 minute yoga movement sequence
* 30 minute self-massage routine
* 30 minute yoga nidra practice
* 30 minute yin yoga sequence
* 3 x 10 minute meditation practices
* 3 x 10 minute breathing practices

When you sign up to the series you will be asked to provide a postal address in order to also receive a well-being package with tools that can be used to support some of the practices in the series or at any other time.

Each well-being package consists of:
* Eye pillow
* Wax melt
* Candle
* Massage ball

£47 for the entire series and well-being package contents. The series has no expiry date and will be yours to repeat as often as you like.  To purchase please click here