About Me

Having discovered the healing power of yoga over 15 years ago when attending regular classes helped me to deal with the debilitating symptoms of depression & anxiety I have continued to practice and study all things yoga. It has since become a part of my daily life and continues to support my health & well-being.  My first teacher training was in Hatha Yoga and I have since qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga and most recently completed a Modern Yoga Teacher Training which focused on blending the traditional elements of yoga with more recent science. Since becoming a teacher I have developed my own style of yoga, which I believe offers an inclusive and creative way to experience increased awareness by utilising the ancient aspects of yoga in a way that is accessible for our modern lives.

My classes offer mindful movement, breathing practices and meditation and are delivered in a balanced way that provides clear guidance but also allows freedom to practice in a way that works for you. I believe that yoga should be a sustainable practice which can be used on a daily basis to support our overall health and well-being so I share all that I continue to learn in a way that encourages a personal exploration to find what works best for you. I owe much of where I am today to my inspirational teachers & mentors, from whom I continue to learn a great deal. They are Naomi Absalom, Brea Johnson, Ana Muriel, Beverley Nolan and Angela Jervis-Reid, all of whom just happen to be innovative, loving and creative human beings 🙂

I am an eternal student and love learning so continue to be committed to stepping out of my comfort zone, delving deeper, being curious and playful so that I can use what I discover in my practice to lead an authentic and free life and hope that what I share might inspire others to do the same.