My classes offer mindful movement, breathing practices and meditation and are delivered in a balanced way that provides clear guidance but also allows freedom to practice in a way that works for you. I believe that yoga should be a sustainable practice which can be used on a daily basis to support our overall health and well-being so I share all that I continue to learn in a way that encourages a personal exploration to find what works best for you.

Having discovered yoga as a way to support my mental well-being over 20 years ago it has since become a part of my daily life.  My first teacher training was in Hatha Yoga and I have since qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga, Heart & Bones Yoga Teacher Training (which focused on creating sustainable physical sequences) and most recently I have gained a qualification in Mental Health Aware Yoga.   I am passionate about creating practices that support physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, honouring the ancient wisdom of yoga in a way that is appropriate for our modern lives.