Bloom is an invitation to join me for an afternoon to prepare physically & spiritually for the energy of summer with seasonal yoga, meditation & breathing practices and space for rest.  We will also spend time outside soaking up the powerful summer earth energy and creating an earth ritual, which is a simple way to give thanks for & celebrate the abundance, light and longer days of the season.

As the seasons shifts so do we and this is an opportunity to make space to connect deeply with yourself and the earth as we head into the busyness of summertime.  I will share a variety of practices that help invoke different qualities, such as cooling, grounding, expansion and presence.  

An opportunity to pause & reset within a rural setting during a time of year that can feel very busy.   A space to connect with yourself and likeminded people.   There will be snacks & tea available but please bring some water.  (A full list of what to bring is sent within the booking confirmation).

Sunday 9th June
May Hill Village Hall

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By booking a space to attend an event you are confirming that you are in good physical and emotional health and able to engage with the various practices I share (please get in touch if you are unsure).
My practices have not been specifically designed for pregnant women and as such I would not recommend participating unless you have an existing yoga practice and the knowledge to adapt accordingly.
It is entirely your personal responsibility to take good care of yourself when participating at my events and you do so entirely at your own risk.
Please note that refunds are not available for spaces that are booked but not attended.