I believe that the better we feel within ourselves the more able we are to live with compassion and purpose so I have created a series of workshops that I will be holding throughout 2020 focusing on how we can use yoga & other practices to build & maintain a feeling of internal balance.  Our nervous system can easily become frazzled with the demands of daily life and the fast paced world in which we live, leading to imbalances in our physical and mental health so we will explore how we can strengthen the nervous system through movement, nature, stillness and specific breathing and meditation practices.  A balanced nervous system is essential for maintaining our overall healthy as it is closely linked to our immune and digestive systems, as well as our cognitive function.

What to expect?

An exploration of dynamic yoga movement aimed at maintaining healthy joints and strengthening the body, breathing exercises, stillness and meditation.  There will be underlying seasonal focus so the practices will be appropriate for the season I will also provide some information on how we can use Ayurveda (an ancient Indian practice focused on living in tune with nature and according to our personal constitution).  There will also be information for you to take away to continue to work with and the workshop will conclude with a seasonally inspired snack and a drink.  The content of each workshop will be different but there will plenty of tools to take away whether you come to one, some or all of them!

The workshops will be held on the following Saturdays between 10am and 1pm and will cost £30 per person.

14th March ~ 13th June ~ 12th September ~ 12th December

Spaces are limited, therefore booking and pre-payment* of £30 in full is required to secure your place. Places can be booked by contacting Emma on 07949 121431 or

*Payments for workshops are non-refundable.  If you decide more than a month before a workshop that you are unable to attend I will be happy to help you try to sell your space to someone else.