These simple supported poses are great to help you reset or restore if you’re feeling restless, tired or just a bit frazzled. Grab some cushions, pillows and blankets to ensure your body can feel really well supported. Each pose can be done for a couple of minutes or longer if you have more time/need to feel well rested. Obviously there is no need to do all of the poses, just pick what you feel drawn to or more comfortable with.

Child’s Pose
Kneel on the floor with a cushions/pillows or rolled/folded blankets vertically in front of you. Keeping the toes together, let the knees spread apart wide and lengthen your torso and arms forward over your cushions with your head turned to one side, then turn your head the opposite way half way through the time you’re taking here.

Reclined Butterfly
Place a pile of pillows or cushions on the floor, then lie down on your back onto the pillows (you may want an extra cushions or folded blanket under your head). Bring the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to move apart adding as much additional support (cushions etc) as you need under the outside edges of your knees/thighs.

Legs Up the Wall
Place some pillows etc horizontally a few inches from the wall. Sit on the floor and turn onto your right side, propping yourself up with your hands. Arrange your lower back on the pillows. Lift your legs up and inch up closer to the wall until the back of your legs rest on the wall. Adjust your position on the pillows so that the lower back feels lifted and supported. You may want to place a folded blanket under the neck and head.